Film-Studio Set Wrappings

Orlando’s film production industry continues to grow, commercials and hollywood based productions are filmed in our outdoor locations and local indoor studios. Wrappings are used for studio background scenes and on props and vehicles in some of these productions.  Due to the simplicity and quickness of install, as compared to building a special set for a short scene, and the convenience over certain chroma-key details and adjustments.

Film studios also use temporary wrappings on set furnishings and similar objects as a quick and simple solution for the decor in some scenes.  Orlando Car Wrap has experience in this industry, and can quickly design, prepare and install any type of high detail wraps your production may require.  Murals or props, entire buildings or vehicles, and even rear projection displays, we have the knowledge and latest technological equipment to custom design the images in high resolution, and print on the highest quality materials (glossy, perforated, reflective & other specialty 3M products).

Contact us for your studio needs @ 407-582-0030.  We can quickly save you time and keep you within your production budget !

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