Food Truck Wrapping

Yes ! Now Food Trucks are more popular than ever !  Almost considered a new cultural phenomena, and visible in high traffic metropolitan areas.  Some of these areas are very competitive with several  Food Trucks competing for the same customer !  How does your truck stand out from the competition (most of them are wrapped) !?

Here is where the team at Orlando Car Wrap can be so valuable.  Is it enough to just warp your Food truck with images of the food your sell ?  Your menu ?  We are convinced it takes a lot more thought and analysis in crating a design that will make sure your Food Truck catches the eye (and appetite) of hungry patrons.  An attractive design that sends the image of cleanliness, healthy and tasty food, customized for your specialty (tacos, korean, etc) presented in a way to separate your food truck from the crowd (notice how there are so many food trucks, that they are all starting to look the same ?).

It is imperative that your customized design be the edge you need to not be “just another Food Truck”.  We can create the winning wrap you need to increase sales ! Prepare for fame, by contacting us @ 407-582-0030

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