Murals & Wall Wraps

Murals became quite popular when they first arrived on the scene as a simple method of creating ambience in an office lobby or even a home’s living room. Advanced technology has now improved the quality of the selected images and the materials used to print them on.  As with types of wraps, the advantage of removing them and reapplying them makes this a convenient choice when comparing wall decor options.

A majority of murals are custom designed for a specific business logo or image, while others are pre-existing images (eg: photos of beach sunsets); preselected by the client, printed to the wall’s sized area and applied.

We have a wide variety of ideas and images for you to select from.  Many pre-existing images can be edited and modified to your liking by our graphic artists, providing you with a custom product vs “catalog” mass produced murals that are all alike.

Orlando Car Wrap is experienced in creating and customizing murals for both commercial and residential use.  You will be surprised of the flexibility and choices we can offer.  Contact us for more info @ 407-582-0030

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