Trailer Wrapping


Trailers of any size, are an excellent marketing tool.  Smaller ones towed by pickup trucks (e.g.: Landscaping Services) look great when matching the same wrap on the truck.  Larger ones (e.g.: 18 wheel Rigs) are the ultimate rolling billboard.  Notice how the major corporations wrap their distribution rigs with a lot of thought on the image and message they deliver nationwide.

Whether or not you wrap your trailer together with the truck, your selected design should be simple, to the point and quickly memorable.  Viewers only have a few seconds to look, capture an understand your message, and of course be able to remember your Co. name, and identify it with your specific service offered or product line.

We see a lot of trailers wrapped with so many colors, and a conglomeration of text to the point that it is confusing to actually read and decipher.  If your intention is name recognition, simple is usually better.  A picture is worth a thousand words, but smaller businesses also need memorable name recognition for effective lead generation.

Talk to ORLANDO CAR WRAP about your business.  Our expertise in marketing and advertising promotions will be a great benefit in designing your Trailer Wrap, not just for decor but for an actual increase new clientele.  Call us @ 407-582-0030 

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